Saturday, October 11, 2008

last intro to agility class

Oreo and I had our last intro to agility class today. Only four dogs showed up! I guess a lot of people must have taken advantage of the picture perfect weather and the long weekend.

One woman who did show up, had broken her hand earlier in the morning, and came to class before going to the ER. Her hand was so swollen, it looked like a baseball was growing under her skin. Now, there is a woman who loves her dog.

The four of us got a lot of individual attention, although I felt as though Oreo and I got the most. The instructor must sense my enthusiasm for the sport, or maybe he sees something special in Oreo.

We didn't do anything all that new today, we mostly reviewed the things we had learned. We did try a new jump sequence, where the jumps and tires were set up in a circular pattern. Oreo did OK, although he tried to go under the tire once, rather than through it. The instructor told me, that under the tire is eye level for Oreo, so that made sense. I have to get Oreo to look up, because the dogs will go where they are looking.

Oreo excelled at the teeter as usual. No problems there, and I ran this week for the instructor.

We practiced the weave poles. The instructor made me stay on Oreo's right, although I told him I am always on Oreo's left. It was a disaster. We got all tangled up. On our last try, I pleaded to let me go on the other side to prove Oreo can weave, and he did.

Then, we did the tunnel sequence from last week. The other dogs did much better at this than Oreo. Oreo shines on obstacles that require a little more thought and technique. Any dog can run through a tunnel. Oreo kind of moseyed on through and took his time. I think the instructors like to do tunnels, because it makes the other people feel like their dogs are successful.

After class, we were invited to join the intermediate agility class which runs on Friday nights until the snow flies, and were encouraged to take the intermediate obedience class over the winter.

Then, we were handed our diploma. How silly. At least they didn't play pomp and circumstance like they did at the obedience class last week. That was ridiculous.

When the instructor handed me Oreo's diploma, he told me that Oreo had done really, really well, to keep coming and practicing on my own, and that I should think about getting him ready to go to competitions. I noticed that he didn't say that to anyone else.

I guess that's a good sign. Especially since I didn't think Oreo had even done that great in class today.

One person who had been at the class just watching told me that my dog was very "agile". Well, that's the name of the game, isn't it?

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