Sunday, October 19, 2008

a hike at grafton

We went on a a short hike at a local state park today. Took a two mile loop around a pond, and then a quick walk along the beach by the lake.

We found several large foot prints along the trail, and some very large, fairly fresh poop. It looked like it could be from a bear. I was a little scared. Jeff told me to just keep talking and we would be fine.

I think Jeff was secretly hoping to see the bear, but I sure wasn't!

The dogs had a great time sniffing every single rock, fern, twig, and leaf along the way. I bet they knew if a bear had been around.

The foliage is past its peak, but there are still a few leaves on the trees. I think by next weekend, it will be looking pretty bleak around here.

Here is a slide show from our hike:

Oreo after we got home from our hike:

both dogs on the "dog couch" after the hike:

what a life

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