Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall creek

Went for a walk down by our creek today. It is where my dad and I go every Father's Day. I don't think I've ever been there in the Fall.

In June, it always feels good, because the closer you get to the creek, the cooler you feel. Today, I was seeking out the sun.

The dogs had a great time, both even got their paws wet, and got a little adventurous climbing around on the rocks. Oreo was allowed off the leash, and I got in a little obedience training by telling him to "come" and "stay" while Jeff went off on dangerous cliffs to take photos. Oreo wanted Jeff to stay with the herd. Oreo listened, so all my backyard training is paying off in the real world.

We had one run in with another off leash dog. I saw the dog coming at us, and had time to call Oreo and Misty to get them on leashes and under my control. Oreo barked at him, after wrapping himself around a tree, and cowering behind me. Luckily the dog was harmless, just a butt sniffer, not a biter. Wish all dogs were like that.

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