Monday, October 13, 2008

agility obsession

OK, all I am blogging about lately is agility. I think I may be obsessed.

I brought Oreo and Misty over to the practice field this morning to get a few runs in on my day off. Oreo got off to a slow start. He was more concerned with what Misty was doing (smelling), than what I was trying to get him to do.

I began to think that perhaps I should leave Misty at home when we go to practice, but that makes me feel guilty. Then, I thought it is probably good for Oreo to learn to work through his distractions.

Finally, I figured out what I had to do.

Get him running......

Once I got his heart rate up, Oreo really started to focus. Then, Oreo was going through the sequences and paying attention to me. It was the first time that I felt he really knew what I meant when I said the command "tire", "wall", or "walk it". Those are the ones we don't get to practice at home. We were coming at the dogwalk from an angle, but when I said "walk it", his head turned, his body followed, and up the plank he went.

We worked on my weave pole technique a bit. I think I am finally getting how to work the poles on the opposite side. I just needed some time by myself to figure out what the instructor had been trying to teach me. Today, it kind of clicked. I wish he had been around, so I could show him my "ah ha" moment. I know teachers love it when their students finally get it.

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Ricky the Sheltie said...

We love the fall photos of Oreo and Misty!

Oreo and I are learning agility at pretty much the same time! Isn't it fun? I think we are having a lot of similar experiences.

Congratulations on finishing intro to agility!