Tuesday, October 7, 2008

agility practice

I brought Oreo and Misty to the agility field after work today to get in a bit of practice. I laid Misty's leash over a weave pole, and she seemed to enjoy taking in all the wonderful aromas while Oreo and I ran the course.

And boy did we run.

Our instructor had told me that Oreo wanted to run, and I think he was right. There is another "intro" class on Tuesday nights, so the course hadn't changed since my last class. We were able to do the same sequences we did on Saturday, but this time we ran as fast as I could.

I'm sure Oreo could have gone faster. He was loving it, and ran the course almost flawlessly. He still got hung up on the tunnel chute. He ran right past it, and I had to go back with him. Then, he would go right through it. Perhaps, he is just not used to going through two tunnels in a row.

The instructor also told me that I should make sure I made it fun for Oreo. I explained to him that at home we always do agility with a ball. So, he told me I should bring the ball to the practice field.

I wasn't so sure Oreo would be interested in his orbee at the field. At first he wasn't. After running him through the course a couple times, and getting him really pumped up, I threw his ball and he went running across the field after it.

Yes! I was excited. So, I threw it again. Off, he went.

Then, a familiar sound. A familiar sight. The big brown truck pulls into the parking lot to make a delivery.

Wherever we are, if a UPS truck is anywhere nearby, my dogs go berserk.

Oreo lost all interest in the orbee. He had a more important job to do. Monitor the man in the brown shorts.

Quickly, I got Oreo back on the course running.

The other piece of advice my instructor gave me was to leave while the dog was still having fun.

I did that. But, I really think he should have said to leave while your heart is still beating.

I think we were only there 15-20 minutes, and I was spent. But, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. It is just the best time, and so cool to see Oreo's progress every time we go.

The whole drive home I was thinking about how far we've come from that cardboard box tunnel and swiffer jumps in my hallway last December.


betty said...

As children, my sisters and I would drop everything and run to the window when we heard the big brown truck outside. Oreo and Misty are one of us. You may have to go in training as a sprinter if you are to keep up with Oreo. He is like the wind - a beautiful, swift, welcomed wind.

Sara said...

Jeff is back to chopper building, so the UPS truck is at our house everyday again.

I may have to hire my dad to be my personal trainer!