Sunday, September 28, 2008

videos from agility practice

Oreo and I went to practice some agility on our school's equipment today. Jeff and Misty came along and took some video.

It was good to come home and watch the video, because I learned that I definitely need to work on making sure that Oreo hits his contacts at the end of the equipment. He tends to jump off a little too early at the end. That could result in a nasty penalty.

I was really proud of Oreo's teetering today. He did it perfectly. A big improvement from yesterday.

The first video is Oreo and I practicing individual obstacles that are new to us, after some warm up jumps (the unbreakable kind). In the second video, we do a sequence of several obstacles, where my main role was to make sure his leash didn't snag on any of the equipment.

Hope you enjoy our antics! We still have a long way to go!

If you are reading this blog via email, make sure you go to my website to watch the videos:

You'll see in the end that Jeff and Misty couldn't resist getting involved in the action (OK, maybe Misty could have resisted, but she was a good sport about it).


betty said...

What a great family day of practice, exercise, and fun. In video 2, I smiled when you came back to give Misty her treat. Oreo shines!!

Sara said...

Misty got lots of treats for "Good watching".

She seemed to enjoy watching us, and spent a lot of time sniffing stuff. I am sure there are all sorts of dog and other animal scents all other that place.