Sunday, September 21, 2008

pause table

Jeff spent his day off today making Oreo (me) a pause table.

I thought we could use one more piece of agility equipment in the backyard, and I had a book with directions on how to build one.

Jeff, of course, made some modifications to the plans. Everything made in our basement has to be customized.

Jeff wanted to make sure the table would be light enough for me to move around, but sturdy enough to support Oreo. The original plans would have made a very heavy table. This one is perfect for us.

I couldn't wait to get Oreo up and running, I mean pausing, on it. Paint just doesn't dry quick enough sometimes.

Here are some photos from our trial run:

Oreo really seemed to like hopping on, going into the down position, staying for five seconds, then barreling through his tunnel and over some jumps. Of course, he always gets to chase his ball at the end, that's his favorite part.

Hmmmm, I wonder what I can have Jeff build us next weekend.....


betty said...

Oreo is having the time of his life. He is a star! He really is a very clever dog. Jeff is so thoughtful. The table is wonderful.
Three Bravos - one for each of you.
Oops, another one for patient, sweet Misty.

Lian said...

You are so lucky to have Jeff making you a pause table. Oreo looks likes he loves the table.

Sara said...

I am lucky to have handy Jeff! Although, he will not be happy when the table is soon covered in muddy paw prints!

He likes his work to always look perfect!