Sunday, September 28, 2008

agility lesson 3

Oreo had a good agility lesson this week. He got to do a full size dog walk this week. It was just about at my eye level. Oreo went right up and walked it with no problem.

He also did a full size teeter. I though this would go better than it actually did, since Oreo is an expert teeterer at home.

The problem is our teeter at home is half the size of regulation. So, when he got to the full size, he walked so fast he was at the end of the teeter before it even had the chance to fall all the way to the ground.

So, we will have to work on him stopping and waiting for the board to fall to the ground before he runs to the end of the board.

We also practiced closed tunnels, or what I like to call "tunnel-chute". Oreo loves his tunnel-chute at home. However, the chute material at the lesson is made out of a much heavier material than ours. It took Oreo a few tries to get used to the difference. Plus, the big dogs were working on jumps right next to us. I think Oreo was trying to keep an eye on them, and was having a difficult time focusing on me.

I am beginning to realize that part of the value of taking a class is getting accustomed to different kinds of equipment. If you go to competitions, you never know what kind of equipment they will have.

The same thing happened when I competed in gymnastics. Some balance beams and spring boards are just better than others, and you never knew what a particular gym might own.

At the end of the class, the instructor told us that we are now allowed to come and practice on their equipment any time we want. That was a surprise to me.

So, if the weather holds out today, I am hoping to bring Jeff and Misty over to show them how Oreo does the A-Frame and dog walk. We'll bring the camera and maybe the camcorder, so I can share it here.

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