Sunday, August 10, 2008

peaceful day

Jeff and I took the dogs to the Tomhannock reservoir today. The reservoir is the source of a lot of public water supply (including ours if we decided to hook up to town water). Therefore, no boats or swimming is allowed. It is a very peaceful and quiet place. Jeff found us a sand bar to put our chairs on, which formed a point that jutted out into the reservoir. We tried to remember exactly where it was so we could find it again, and go back soon.

Besides a bird or two, we were all by ourselves. Even when you looked at the surrounding mountains, there were only a house or two visible.

The dogs enjoyed putting their feet in and lapping up the clean water.

Here is a slide show of our time there:

(double click to be redirected to picasa and then click on "slideshow" there for larger photos)

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