Sunday, August 24, 2008

Owl's Head

On Tuesday morning, Jeff and Dad went to Mitchell's field, an old Naval facility in Harpswell, and flew Jeff's RC planes. It was a great place for Jeff to fly, because he needs wide open spaces. There is a mile and a half path around the facility that leads right to a beautiful beach, so while they flew, I took the dogs for a walk. There was an overcast sky, and the forecast was for storms in the morning.

When we got back from Mitchell's field, it started raining, and Mom suggested we drive to Owl's Head, since the weather was not looking promising.

After a great lunch on the way, we went to the Owl's Head Transportation Musuem. There were planes, engines, cars, a few motorcycles and even a handful of bicycles. An auction was going to take place in a few days, so there was a lot of activity going on. Cars and even planes were being shuffled around. Jeff was in heaven. They even had the plane that Jeff got to fly on our 15th wedding anniversary - the Texan. We got to see them moving it out of the airplane hangar. It was a good way to spend a rainy day.

After the museum, we drove to Owl's Head lighthouse. It is an actual coast guard station. Imagine having that as your post. Talk about a cush job! Granted you have to deal with tourists everyday, but still.

Here is a slide show from Owl's head:

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