Saturday, August 23, 2008

Home from Maine

We have returned safely home from the land of lobsters, fairy houses, rocky terrain, and blueberries. The weather was great. We had only one rainy day, which we spent driving to Owl's Head to visit a transportation museum, where Jeff got to see lots of historical airplanes. The weather cleared up enough for us to see Owl's Head lighthouse before driving back to Harpswell.

Below is a slide show of our first two full days in Harpswell. On Sunday, we went to Bailey's Island and walked to the Giant Steps, which is a natural rock formation. The views were spectacular.

On Monday, we did the cliff walk, which included the fairy house zones. Unfortunately, the memory card in our camera went corrupt, and most of our photos did not come out. We hiked up a 150 foot cliff, saw an amazing water view, sweated our asses off, posed for photos, ate some wild blueberries at the top, suffered without water, got lost, and have nothing to show for it! Luckily, we do have photos from the beginning of the walk and the end, just not the spectacular photos in between.

The dogs enjoyed being on the trail, and we let them off their leashes for most of the way. Oreo led the pack, while Misty trailed behind, making sure the herd was all together. We heard from another group that a dog had gone right over the cliff, so we made sure to put them back on their leashes as we got close to the top. Boy, was that a good tip to have! It was a big drop off!

I will post more photos later, we took hundreds! I still have some to download off the camera.

(double click to get to see larger photos- then click on slide show)

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Anonymous said...

I love these photos--the view from your desk was stunning. xoMichiko