Friday, August 1, 2008

downhill from here

It is August. It is all downhill from here. Back to school sales will be bombarding the papers and television.
Depressing. Where does the summer go?

However, the garden is gorgeous this time of year. Black eyed susans are one of the most cheerful flowers on the planet. They almost appear to be smiling.
Oreo and I have been doing a lot of agility work lately. I have been trying to work him on my left side. It has always been difficult for me to do anything with my left hand. When I did gymnastics years and years ago, I could cartwheel on my left side, but everything else had to be done on my right. Aerial cartwheels (cartwheels with no hands) I had to do on my right side. Go figure. So, doing agility with Oreo on my left really involves a lot of brain activity, something I tend to lose during a month off from work.

Oreo is getting really good at sequencing through the obstacles and going fast. He goes so fast over the teeter that sometimes, he falls right off. I have to slow him down so he doesn't hurt himself. Oreo loves that teeter so much that he loses all self control. I need to work on that. It is the only obstacle, other than the tunnels, that I catch him "practicing" on his own.

I will be savoring these last few weeks of freedom, and giving the dogs lots of time to do what they love best.

Hanging out in the yard.....

....keeping an eye on the neighbors....

....taking in all the fabulous outdoor aromas....

....and making your own little nest in the dirt.


betty said...

Oreo sniffing the flowers makes me laugh. He is so, so cute!

Sara said...

I love that photo too. Here I was trying to get Oreo to pose an behave, and he did something far more endearing and photogenic.

Guess it is always better to capture a real moment than a contrived one.