Saturday, August 2, 2008

a doggie adventure

The dogs and I went on a little adventure today to an event called "Dog Dayz". It was being held at a farm that has both an indoor and outdoor agility course. My vet's agility trainer teaches some of her agility classes there, and I have been wanting to check the place out. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was essentially an "open house" fundraiser for a border collie rescue organization. There would be agility, herding, fly ball, and other demonstrations going on, and "well behaved" dogs on 6 foot leashes were welcome.

I looked at the directions on mapquest, and saw that it looked like a straight line from our house, almost to the Massachusetts border. I didn't print the directions out. I would just rely on Marcia - our GPS.

I piled the dogs in the car. Oreo was very excited. He sat in his favorite, co-pilot position, with his paws resting on the center console the whole time. It is so nice to travel with him now that he doesn't get car sick.

Marcia did not seem to want to travel in a straight line to the border. We were turning left and right and left and right. I had been down these roads before though, so I figured she knew a short cut.

Soon, the signs of human life and houses got further and further apart. There were signs for peacock crossings. Then, I was on a dirt road. For 4 miles. That is a long time to travel at about 10-15 mph. My "time of arrival" went from 9:43 to 9:48 to 9:50 to 9:58......Then, I lost the satellite. Marcia left me all by myself. No cars, no trucks, no bikers, nothing, but me, the dogs and the woods. There weren't even telephone poles on this road.

Boy, was this turning into an adventure all right.

We were actually in a state park. It was beautiful. The road ran right along a creek. I'm sure the dogs would have loved to get out, and take a lovely hike through the woods. But, I wanted to see some border collies jumping through hoops!

Eventually, the dirt turned to asphalt and Marcia said, "arriving at destination". Thanks for nothing Marcia.

My dogs turned out to be the most well behaved dogs there (at least in my opinion). They sniffed the other dogs politely, did not raise their voices, sat when asked, accepted treats gently, and did not lunge at ducks or other dogs. I got a lot of , "wow, they are gorgeous", "what good looking dogs" and "you must take good care of them". Yep. They're fabulous.

I am trying to get Oreo out to events like this, so if we ever do decide to compete in agility he will be able to focus on me, and be less prone to all the distractions. This was a good first step.

We got some free samples and a $5 coupon for some of our favorite (and very pricey) dog treats. That made it worth the trip. Oreo seemed quite interested in the dogs doing agility, and was actually watching the border collies herding the ducks. Hmmmmm. Maybe we should get him some ducks.....

After watching the herding demonstration, the skies started getting really dark, so I decided to skip the "free lunch included" and head home. Not wanting to risk getting stuck in a muddy dirt road with no cell phone service.

I asked a man from the farm which way I should turn, so I would hit a major road, that had actual pavement. I followed the man's simple instructions, and easily found myself taking a right, another right, and was headed straight home. It was that easy. Damn GPS.

Note to self: print out directions, follow them, then hear Marcia say "recalculating".

(Brought my camera with me to photograph all the gorgeous border collies, but of course the battery died so I have no photos. It was that kind of day. At least we did miss the down pour. We were half way home before the torrential down pour started.)


Anonymous said...

when you get a course from mapquest there is usually a disclaimer that you should check a map. (what if you put in the wrong address or town. like kennebunk and not kennebunkport). anyway maybe marcia should say to check mapquest before you make a move. recalculating.


Sara said...

One should always have an old fashioned map as a backup. I did find some great biking routes for you!

Technology may be cool, but it is not always smarter than yourself. Someone had to actually program the GPS, and who knows who that was. Perhaps, a peacock lover?

Lian said...

I have learned not to trust a Sat Nav but again, I am not good in map reading and I am hopeless in directions. Thank GOD you get there ok and more staright forward home.

I like your baby Orea photo, he is so cute!!