Wednesday, July 2, 2008

under the sheets

Oreo loves when I do any work around the house. He barks and attacks the vacuum. Jumps and grabs at dust rags. Lunges at the swiffer, and bites the dustbuster.

Sometimes, when I notice Oreo is napping soundly, I will try and "sneak" in some cleaning time, so I can do it without having to defend all my cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, Oreo has a sixth sense, and he wakes up as soon as I pull a dust rag out of the drawer.

Today, I washed the mattress pad and sheets. I had the worst time getting everything back on the bed, because Oreo kept burying himself underneath everything. You would have thought it was cold in the house.

I decided to grab the camera to catch a video of some of his antics.

Here he is hiding under the top sheet:

And the antics didn't stop there. Here he is hiding under the blanket that I put over the sheet.

Oreo is such a silly dog. He will make a game out of anything. No wonder why he likes going through his tunnel/chute so much.

Here he is looking all innocent after the bed is finally made!

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Lian said...

Oreo is so cute hiding underneath the cover!! BTW, I like his name, OREO!!