Thursday, July 24, 2008

time to build an ark

It has been one rainy summer, and it is really starting to wear on me. It is so damp that when I went to dust today, my dust rag got stuck on the furniture, because the furniture was wet from the humidity. My hardwood floors feel wet. It is disgusting. I am constantly picking snails and slugs off my plants.

It has been raining for days.

Yesterday, my neighbor drove by and noticed my car window was wide open. Oops. My car was already soaked, but at least I was able to shut it before more water was able to get in. Sometimes it pays to have a spy living nearby. If the sun doesn't come out soon, my car is going to smell like a wet towel for the next five years.

Last night, we were watching TV when we heard a strange gurgling sound coming from the bathroom.

"What's that noise?" we both asked at the same time.

Usually when we hear a weird water sound, it turns to be our fish tank screen saver on the laptop.

Not this time. This time it was our toilet blowing bubbles.


Jeff stood there staring at the toilet, window open, waiting to bail it out, should the septic system start failing. Neither of us really said anything. There was nothing much to say or do. We were convinced our septic system was saturated, with more rain pouring down, and no sign of it letting up. You can't stop the rain (it rained over five inches last night). Our new tile floor, vanity, sheetrock, woodwork, not to mention hours of labor were about to be ruined. All I could think was, I hope our homeowners insurance will cover the cost of redoing our brand new bathroom. Then, I thought will we have to listen to this gurgling all night, how will we ever sleep?

Then, the gurgling stopped. The rain kept pouring down in sheets, but the gurgling stopped.

Crisis averted.

We didn't use any water the rest of the night. We unplugged the water softener, to prevent it from going off during the night. I headed to bed.

At one point, I am awakened by a single poke in my arm.

"Didn't you hear any of that?" Jeff asks.


"The gurgling was back," Jeff says. "I've been down in the basement snaking the vent pipe."

"I'm sleeping," I said.

"I opened the cap, and it let out a big whoooosh of air. So, I snaked the pipe and all this orange stuff came out," he tells me. "Plus, our ditch is totally full of silt and rocks, and it is all over the road, I had to walk down and see it."

Gee. I can't believe I missed all the fun.

Poor Jeff, didn't get much sleep.

Good news, the toilet has stopped gurgling, we can flush, and the meteorologists are calling for sunshine tomorrow! I'll believe it when I see it. Right now, its raining.....


betty said...

After a huge sigh of relief, I can truly say that Jeff is amazing!
The worst happen to us in Thailand.
I was home with a 2 month old baby. It was the rainy season. The roads were flooded. Catfish were "walking" along the foot of water in our driveway. The sewer pipes backed up into our toilet. A foot of sewage to clean up. I was home alone and tears didn't help.
Blessings for Jeff.

Sara said...

Isn't it funny how eveyone seems to have their own toilet story?

We were lucky this time.

Modern plumbing is really taken for granted the majority of the time. And we treat it like, well s@#%! (ha,ha)