Saturday, July 12, 2008

not the really smart one

My sister emailed me this fascinating bit of information she came across about Edith Wharton. I thought I should share it, since so many of you seem to be Edith readers.

Edith Wharton was born Edith Newbold Jones. She was born "into such wealth and privilege that her family inspired the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses"."

Now, you can impress your friends at parties with this knowledge and they will deem you an intellectual genius (like my sister).

Speaking of which...

When I brought Oreo to the vet, I ran into one of my dad's colleagues. I mentioned to him who my father was. He asked, "Oh, which daughter are you?"

Now, there are multiple ways I could have answered that question.

The youngest, the teacher, the child bride, the one without kids....

What I always feel people really want to ask is, are you the really smart one who went to all those fancy colleges?

No, I'm not that one.

So, I went with just telling him my name, and let him figure it out from there!

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