Thursday, July 31, 2008

look what I found!

The dogs and I went out to play in the yard after our daily rain storm. After a lousy throw, I had to go hunting under the hosta for Oreo's pink orbee. I lifted up a big hosta leaf, and saw not the pink orbee that I had thrown, but a blue orbee.

Could it be, our original orbee that we had lost weeks ago?

It was!

"Oreo look!!!!!"

I jumped up and down.

"Look what I found! Your favorite ball ever! It's your first orbee! I found it!"

(Hope the neighbors weren't listening.)

I threw it in the air, Oreo leaped up, caught the orbee before it ever had the chance to hit the ground, and risk getting lost again.

We played with it a few more times, then I noticed it felt kind of funny. It was making a rattling sound.

All the orbees have a hole through them. They are designed to hold food to entice your dog to play with them. Oreo has never needed such enticement, and I have never filled them with food.

I brought the ball into the sunlight to peer into the hole for a better look.

That's when I saw a familiar little creature trying to pry his way out. It was the bane of my existence this summer. The dreaded snail. The creature that has systematically destroyed all my zinnia plants, despite my handplucking them off every morning.

The snail had made a home out of the hole in the orbee, and apparently did not like being thrown through the air.

I got grossed out, and looked for a stick to push him out of the hole. The whole time, I was screeching "ooooo, yukkkkkk, ugggggghhhh, grosssss."

You would have been too. Believe me.

(Hope the neighbors weren't listening.)

The snail must have been freaked out by the ruckus I was making, because he pulled his entire, disgusting, sluggish body out of his shell (ickkkkkk), and flung himself out of the orbee.

I used the stick to push him into the ditch (uggggghhhh), then ran the orbee to the shed and cleaned it with a couple baby wipes. Yes, I keep baby wipes in the shed, they come in handy for a multitude of reasons. Then, I ran into the kitchen to disinfect - myself.

Meanwhile, Oreo is "dribbling" the orbee at my feet. "Come on, throw the ball.......what's a little snail poop?" He seems to be saying.

I will give in to him. I always do. I am happy we found the orbee. There is nothing like the original.

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