Thursday, July 10, 2008

jumping for dog days

Cool enough to do some agility practice for the first time in days. I got the camera out to see if I could capture Oreo doing some jumps.

The amazing part is I was able to get him to do this while I was at the other end of the jumps with the camera (and jerky). Usually, I run along the side of the jumps with him.

I threw in a couple ball playing shots too. He loves that ball. We lost his original orbee last week. It is kind of sad. Granted it was just about to break in half, but I would have like to have saved it. Jeff thinks it will turn up in the Fall when all the plants start to die back. I hope he's right.


betty said...

Great work on photographing Oreo doing his jumps. He's great, too.

Sara said...

Thanks. I just wish the lighting had been a bit better.

Oreo does what he needs to do perfectly, but for me I need perfect lighting.