Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jeff's Chopper

I was able to find the new American Iron magazine at my local Walmart this morning. So, hopefully most stores have the new issues stocked.

Jeff was very happy with the article and photos chosen. Jeff had no idea what the actual story would be about, since the phone interview went so quickly. From writing this blog, I know that once a writer gets an angle, you just run with it. Sometimes I can write paragraphs from just one fleeting thought in my brain. So, I guess the author hooked onto the "cheap" idea, and had his whole article wrapped up.

While the second time around is not nearly as exciting as the first, it is still pretty cool.

I still think Jeff's bike is way nicer than the bike on the cover of the magazine, but maybe I am biased. His bike is definitely prettier. But hey, I'm a dog person, not a biker chick, what do I know.

Here's a sneak peek:

So, the next time you're in your supermarket, flip through to page 118 and take a peek. There's even a photo of Jeff at the end of the article.


betty said...

Another two page spread of Blair Flair is very awesome.
Congratulations, Jeff.
What does the HotXL mean?

Sara said...

I believe that the XL is the type of motor Jeff uses in his choppers, so that is the section of the magazine that both of his bikes have been featured in.

I think the XL is the type of motor found in the Harley sportsters and Buell motorcycles.

It does not stand for extra large!