Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hospice journal

Jon Katz now has a blog based solely on his hospice visits with his dogs, Izzy and Lenore. The way his border collie, Izzy, interacts with the hospice patients and their family members is enchanting and worthy of a read.

Granted, these entries have brought me to tears on more than one occasion, but it can be beautiful to see how a dog can be a source of joy, comfort, and a link to good memories of dogs from their past. I have put a link to this hospice blog on my "list of blogs".

When you have a free moment, if you are interested take a look. The love story between Helen and Warren is a particularly good one - make sure you go back through to the older posts and read their story from the beginning (keep clicking "older entries" until you get to the february entries).

I am also looking forward to reading more about Izzy's trips to the Alzheimer's unit. I am interested in seeing what Izzy is able to accomplish with patients displaying dementia.

I can only hope that there are dogs like Izzy around when I am close to death's door. I can't fathom not having a dog (or 2) in my life. So, I can only imagine the joy I would feel if I were in a nursing home and a dog showed up one day and laid down on my bed to visit!

It is Jon Katz's dogs that inspired me to get that little black and white dog that is snoozing on my couch right now. Oreo may not be helping to comfort people on the brink of death, but he sure brings lots of joy to my life.


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