Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Oreo wishes everyone a happy, safe fourth of July.

We are all so happy that Geoff will be coming home from Iraq this weekend. I'm sure Mary, Maddy and Adele will be overwhelmed with excitement, relief, pride and pure joy with Geoff's homecoming. It is a time in their lives they will never forget.

This is always Misty's least favorite holiday. She hates fireworks, and spends most nights this week cowering next to Jeff. Poor baby. Between fireworks and thunderstorms, summertime is a rough season for her.

We started our 4th with an electrician coming to our house to wire our bathroom exhaust fan. He saved us from having any unnecessary "sparks" flying in the house. Jeff tends to stay away from electrical jobs. Jeff saw a licensed electrician get jolted once while he was installing our central air, and that was enough for Jeff to leave it to the "professionals".

Jeff is handy, but he's not stupid.

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