Friday, July 18, 2008

GPS for truckers

One morning this week, I was walking my dogs, when a large truck stopped to ask me for directions. This truck was hauling long, heavy, metal, tube like objects. He was looking for a major commercial building site. He was not even close to heading in the right direction.

I told him which way to go, how many lights to count, to keep hanging a left, and another left, etc.

The rest of my walk home, I kept thinking, why, oh why, does this man, who makes a living driving, not own a GPS?

I drive 8 miles a day, with a relatively fuel efficient car, and I own one.

As I teacher, I buy things to help me do my job more efficiently - like a plan book, lots of resource books, candy to bribe kids, DVD player, rulers, behavior charts, stickers, hand sanitizer, etc.....

How much gas (diesel) did this man, or his company waste, by him driving the wrong direction, idling while asking for directions, and then having to back track? I mean, its not like he was driving a Prius or a Mini. I'm sure he was getting a whopping 5 miles to a gallon.

No wonder the price of things has gone up.

The money he wasted by taking one lousy wrong turn, could have paid for a cheap, basic GPS system. The trucker was looking for a major state road, not a dirt one. Even the low end GPS units could have found that road.

Shouldn't every truck hauler and delivery vehicle be equipped with a GPS unit?

All I can hope is that the objects he was hauling are going to be used to build giant wind turbines to generate green electricity!

Isn't it pretty?

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betty said...

Oh the power of the wind!
Kudos to the people of the Danish island of Samso. With their wind turbines them are now producing more energy than they can use.
It is possible.