Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fairy houses

Last summer, my dad was unable to do much walking, let alone hiking on our trip to Maine. This year, he is feeling better, so I have been looking for good places to walk, hike, and explore during our vacation.

Here is one place that I found, just a few miles from the house we are renting:

Cliff Trail at Long Reach ~ 2.3-mile loop trail features a shore walk along the tidal Strawberry Creek, two "fairy-house" zones and spectacular views from 150-foot cliffs overlooking Long Reach

OK. There are many words in this description that caught my attention.

150 Foot Cliffs. Spectacular views. Strawberry Creek. Shore Walk.

But, Fairy-House Zones?

That's enough to turn even a dog's head.

What could they mean by fairy house zones?

All I can picture are fairy houses in the woods. Could it be????

I email my dad.

He says, "It must be a Maine thing."

Off to google land I go. Determined to find out.

I stumble across a fellow blogger, who brought his daughter to walk the trail several years ago.

Here is what he wrote.

At the base of the trail you are instructed to build ‘fairy houses’ out of any dead natural materials, sticks, bark, leaves, stones, etc in either of the two areas designated for this purpose. The houses are limited to a foot square of footprint and a cubic foot of volume, “about the size of a milk crate, a tradition started on Monhegan Island (also in Maine).

Well, throw the dogs in the car and let's go!

A little more googling and I discovered there is even a fairy house festival at the Botanical gardens in Boothbay, Maine this August. No wonder why I love Maine so much. Home of Planet Dog, Lobster, LL Bean, Wild Blueberries, and Fairy Houses!

Dad was right, fairy house building is a "Maine thing", but it is catching on. There is an author (Tracy Kane) who is making book tours throughout the northeast, and growing in popularity. It is only a matter of time before fairy house building goes global.

When Jeff came home from work last night, I told him I had found a whole bunch of hikes to go on in Maine. He said, "Oh, we are actually going to do stuff this year? I kind of liked sitting around on the deck trying sudoku and just getting coffee last year."

So, I told him that he and mom can go get coffee, while dad and I go see the fairy houses!

Misty and Oreo say they are ready to go look for some fairy houses too!


betty said...

Perfect timing! Do you have the drawing board out? I've emailed my brother-in-law to see if he and his wife have ever built a fairy-house. I hope to see lots of photos of the fairy-houses posted on your blog.

Sara said...

I will definitely take photos of the fairy houses. I hope to find some really amazing creations!