Friday, July 11, 2008

double dose for our double stuff cookie dog

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed Oreo was shaking his head a lot. I thought a bug might have flown in his ear, or he may have scratched it on a branch. So, I washed his ear out with some cleanser.

This morning, he was still shaking his head, and holding his head at an angle, sure signs of an ear infection.

Luckily, the vet had a cancellation first thing this morning.

My poor baby has an infection in both ears. Looks like Oreo had one too many play sessions with the hose. Water, dog ears, and heat are never a good combo.

Oreo will be on a two week regimen of ear drops in not one, but two ears. Not an easy task with this dog.

Munchkin was the easiest patient ever - he let me do anything without protest. The vet once gave him stitches with no anesthesia, and he wagged his tail the whole time. It was as though he knew the vet was helping him. He "cried" with joy every time we pulled into the vet's parking lot. Munchkin just adored going to the vet, and that is rare for a dog. Hell, most humans don't even like going to their own doctors, and we have logic and reason. Sometimes, I think Munchkin was far more advanced than me in many ways.

Misty is a good patient too. Although, I think she behaves more out of fear.

Oreo, not so good. He squirms, wiggles, cries, and protests. So, squirting fluid down his ears should be great fun. I think it will be a two person job.

The good news is that I caught the infection in its very early stages. In fact, they were amazed at how early I caught it.

Well, when you spend 24/7 with your dog, you really do notice any minute change in their behavior. Especially excessive, annoying shaking of the head! Duh.

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