Monday, July 21, 2008

automatic or old fashioned way

Have you seen the SUV's with the remote control rear hatch openers?

You press a button on your key fob (I hate that word), and the trunk hatch not only unlocks, but magically lifts up and opens itself. Another press of the button, and it also closes itself.

Now, this seems like a fantastic invention, especially if you have your hands full of groceries, or children, and you need to get your trunk open. It eliminates the need to perform a balancing act, of placing something on your knee while you try and open your trunk. I can think of a few times when such a feature would have come in handy myself. Although amazingly, I have survived 38 years without one.

What drives me crazy, really crazy, is when I see someone, with completely empty hands, pressing the remote button, and watching, just watching, the trunk close all by itself. I have seen this on several occasions.

Now, the trunk closes very slowly on its own. Probably some sort of safety feature, as to avoid crushing a child's hand in the process.

Each time I see a person watching (and watching) their trunk close on its own, I get a strange urge to walk the ten steps to their SUV, use my hand (novel idea), and slam the hatch closed. I know for a fact it would be quicker for me to do it myself, and highly satisfying.

Americans must be the laziest people on the planet.

If only we could invent a remote control that would change every SUV into a Mini Cooper...

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