Thursday, July 17, 2008

another dog day

Today was a good day to be a dog.
OK most days are, Sara's dog that is.

It's a good day to keep an eye on the neighbors.

Misty:"If that mean lady next door says no barking, I will bark louder!"

Oreo:"Me, too. Unless their big yellow dog is outside, then I have to run inside and hide."
It's a good day to do some tunneling.

It's a good day to go through my chute.

It's even more fun to go through my chute with my pink orbee.

Life is great.

peek - a- boo
Boy, I have more playground equipment than any other dog on our street!

Look at my nose!

Oreo: "Misty, why is that guy in the big brown truck always coming to our house? "

Misty: "Sometimes, he brings boxes that have bones, biscuits and toys for us."

Oreo: "Let's bark at him anyway!"

Cute, smart, and funny what more could you ask for?

Gee whiz, what's a dog gotta do to get someone to clean his feet around here?

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