Tuesday, June 10, 2008

teeter, teeter, teeter

I got Oreo a teeter about a week ago.

From the moment I pulled it out of its box, I had my doubts. How was I going to get a dog to walk across a board, let alone a board that is going to move up and down?

Then, I remembered I thought the same thing about the weave poles, and Oreo figured that out within days. So, I was ready to give it a go.

Jeff said that this would be the true test of whether or not Oreo could be an agility dog.

Gee, I thought he already was...


To start off, I am teaching Oreo to walk the board while it is flat on the ground. I get him close to the board and say, "teeter, teeter, teeter".

At first, I straddled Oreo, to keep him from jumping off the board. I would hold on to his ball, which was in his mouth, and pull him across the board. Oreo will do anything if it involves his Orbee ball. I don't know how I would have trained him without it.

Within a dozen attempts like this, Oreo figured out what I wanted him to do. Now, I say "teeter", he steps on the board, and walks down the entire length. Then, I throw his orbee for him. Everyone is happy.

How could I have had any doubts that he could do this? This is Oreo!

I still find it amazing how dogs can learn to understand so many words. It makes me think that dogs really want to be able to understand us humans, as much as we want to understand them.

We have put off training the past few days,it's just too hot. Once the heat breaks, I will work on getting Oreo to be 100% reliable walking the board, and then attempt to get it teetering.

Right now, he'd rather lay on it.

(Editor in chief - please notice all the proper uses of it is, its, and it's in this blog, I think I got them all right or is that alright?)


betty said...

...and Coach Misty, walks safely on the sideline. Do you think Misty might be interested in having a go? It can't be age. Your Grandmother would do cartwheels and her three daughters would stand on the sideline. They never got it.

Sara said...

I have tried to encourage Misty to do some obstacles, but she sees them as, well obstacles - things that just get in her way.

Misty prefers to do her own job - keeping an eye out for neighbors, birds, squirrels, etc. She does it well.