Friday, June 20, 2008

no more bread

Every Sunday for years now, Jeff and I have the same lunch. Grilled provolone and pepper jack on rock hill bakehouse farm bread, soup, chips and a pickle.

Makes us seem like an old couple, but we both like routines.

I went to the grocery store this afternoon, and went over to the shelf where the rock hill bread is usually stocked. Today, there were just empty shelves, and a half sheet of paper taped to the middle shelf.

It said that due to rising gas prices and the high price of wheat, they will no longer be able to deliver their product to the local grocery stores.

Rock Hill Bakehouse is local, but not local enough to make sense for me to drive there for a loaf of bread. It's about an hour away. It would cost me more in gas to get there, than the bread would cost.

Prices have gone up with the soaring cost of gas, and I have been willing to spend more for those things I really love. I'll pay an extra $1 for fresh mushrooms, or an extra $2 for a quality dog food. I never thought products would literally disappear from the shelves, like my favorite bread.

This is a sad day.

I remember buying a loaf one day, while the man was restocking the shelf. He turned to me, as I threw the loaf in my cart, and thanked me for buying their bread. The pepsi stocker doesn't thank me for buying his soda, nor does the potato chip guy.

Today, I scoured the bakery section for a bread that looked similar, but was unable to find anything. I ended up with a multigrain Italian bread from another local bakery. I'm sure it will be OK, but it is definitely a tradition breaker.

I called Jeff and broke the news.

He was even more upset than I was.

I told him I bought a different bread for us to try.

He said, "That sounds horrible."

Neither of us reacts well to changes in our routines.

Jeff asks, "What's their number? I'll call them and see if they will ship it to us, or I'll ride my bike up there with a big duffel bag and fill it up with bread."

I don't know if they will ship bread, or how much that will cost. All I can hope for is that on November 4th, gas prices drop, and we go back to business as usual.

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