Sunday, June 15, 2008

nature's grandeur

For the past few years on father's day, my dad and I, along with the dogs, take a hike down to my local river and waterfall.

It is always cooler by the water, the sound is incredible, the views spectacular, all of which make the tricky and somewhat treacherous journey down more than worthwhile.
Misty surprised us this year by getting all 4 paws wet, with minimal coaxing. I think she liked the ice cold water on her hot paws.

Oreo preferred to take in the views and new scents.
When I was young, my dad would take me to thacher park to go hiking. Some of my best memories are from the times we would forgo the actual trail, and instead navigate our way through the river there. It was slippery, cold and wet, but boy was that more fun than walking on the dirt path. We had to constantly look for a good rock to step on, and hope it didn't move as soon as we put pressure on it. Nothing beats walking in a wet sneaker. Keeps you cool! Slosh, slosh. We would take the dirt path back, and I would get to ride on my dad's shoulders. Good times.

Isn't nature grand?

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