Monday, June 2, 2008

house hunting

Every Sunday, I look through the real estate portion of our newspaper. Perhaps I watch too much HGTV, but the lure of houses and property draws me in. I love to see what's for sale, and dream of those plots of land with acres and acres.

Jeff and I never really house hunted. We went to a co-worker's house for a party. Her house had been on the market for months, and we made them an offer that day. I don't know what made us want it, it certainly wasn't the orange shag carpet. The fact that we agreed on the house so quickly was quite miraculous.

I love our house, but part of me always wonders if we should have looked a little more to see what else was out there.

Yesterday, I saw an open house for a log home. The house was in what I consider to be our price range, i.e. cheap, and it was located in an area that would not add much to our commute time. Jeff and I have always loved the look of log homes, so we decided to check it out.

The house was at the end of a dead end street, in a quiet neighborhood. It had a great front porch, and a big, flat front yard (ideal for an agility course). Inside were wide planked wood floors, exposed beams, and wooden walls. It was cozy.

We checked out the kitchen. Clearly, it was the original kitchen from 20 years ago. Our original kitchen is so much nicer. We checked out the bathroom. No way was that nicer than our brand new bathroom. The bedrooms were about the same size as ours. The windows were old, and there were a lot of things that were crooked, which would drive my anal husband crazy. There was a finished basement, with lots of space. But, what would we do with all that space? We would end up collecting even more stuff.

The yard was nice, if you could ignore the fact that your neighbors were two feet away, and there was no fence for the dogs. Also, one side of the yard was bordered by a swamp, with a resident turtle. Cute turtle, but that means snakes are lurking nearby.

Jeff liked the detatched two car garage, but there was no heat in it.

The one big difference from our house, was the lack of traffic noise. It was very quiet, but then their neighbors weren't home.

We spent a lot of time wandering the property, and talking to the lonely realtor.

She asked us how many houses we had looked at.

Well, just this one, and the one we live in. We tell her we have a really nice house, and that it is close to everything.

We left, giving one last fleeting look at the cute log home. It'll make a good house for a young family, just not us.

Driving past our house, and pulling into our driveway, I admired how cute our house is. We have a fenced in yard, gardens, new windows, new bathroom, new furnace, new water softener, new water pump, new appliances, new roof, central AC - all things lacking in the log home. I thought about all the time, sweat, and love we have poured in (along with lots of cash). It is perfect for us.

The best part is that it will all be paid for in four years.

What were we thinking house hunting?

I'll still check out the real estate section, looking for that perfect place, but I doubt I will ever find a place better than here. Home.


Anonymous said...

I guess it makes it worth while if you come home happier than when you left.


Sara said...

If there had been enough room for sheep, chickens, goats, and donkeys I may have been ready to move!

betty said...

Your house is a DREAM. It's fun to see what you don't need and come home appreciating what you have.
Is the bathroom finished?

Sara said...

The bathroom is almost done. Jeff still has to fill, sand and paint the seams and nail holes of the crown molding.

I will post pictures when it is 100% done. It looks great. I still have a hard time believing it is mine!