Tuesday, May 13, 2008


For all my readers who are concerned about Lisa, she is doing great. If only Lisa knew how many perfect strangers are rooting for her. My biggest fear is that her mom will die over the summer, when school is out. She will need her extended school family to help her cope.

For all my readers who are asking about my Peter rabbit, I think I am becoming more and more like Mr. McGregor. I have caught Peter several times in my garden. The dogs have chased him across the yard, and under the hen house. I praise the dogs, telling them to "get him." Alas, after chasing Peter away, the dogs run to the house in fear. So, Peter comes back.

I keep hoping Peter will move on to our neighbor's yard. However, even I am afraid of my neighbor, so why would he go there?

My neighbor is always yelling at her kids, husband and dog. Every time she tells her dog to "stop barking", or bangs on her window to get her to dog to be quiet, Misty runs to the fence and barks her head off. I quietly tell Misty, "good girl", while laughing at the absurdness of the situation.

Misty hasn't liked my neighbor since she told Misty that she "looked like and old man". Me either. My neighbor's poor dog watches me playing with Misty and Oreo, and cries from behind his fence.

I digress.

Back to Peter. I think I will be looking for a trap this weekend. I don't want to have a barren garden this year, while Peter grows bigger, stronger and multiplies. Although, I would love to send Peter off into the woods wearing a cute little blue coat.

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