Sunday, May 4, 2008

stay, pose, shoot

Teaching your dog to sit and stay, while you walk away is not an easy trick. Dogs instinctually want to follow their master wherever they go.

However, if you do take the time to do the training, it comes in handy when you want to pose your dog for photos. I took advantage of Oreo's "stay" to pose him amongst my threesome of tulips, which survived the winter without becoming a mole's dinner. Misty stood nearby, then walked away. She was never taught how to "stay". Meanwhile, Oreo stayed in his spot until I said, "OK."

Oreo even moves his head from side to side while I click off some shots, as if he knows he is supposed to pose. Jon Katz tells his dogs, "photo shoot", and they stop and pose too.

Perhaps Oreo was just too tired to move, here he is with his eyes closed:Oreo spent the morning meeting three sheltie puppies and a golden retriever, and also had a surprise sighting of Grandpa on his bike. Oreo and Misty were their usual shy selves, and didn't know what to make of all those puppies. I'm sure it was exhausting for them. Oreo has been wary of other dogs, and some people, since his unfortunate encounter with the evil St. Bernards. Eventually, Oreo did seem to at least be comfortable with these puppies, as long as they didn't get too close. I wonder if Oreo knew he was part of the inspiration for these people to get a sheltie of their own. Oreo is an amazing creature.

I was so proud of Oreo for not throwing up in the car on the way to the park, or on the way home! Huge accomplishment.

Oreo is also good at candid shots.

Jeff took a great video of Oreo (and me) running through his agility course. We are working on getting some video software, so I can post it here. It was fun for me to watch the video, because I could see Oreo's face while he was doing the obstacles. When we are running the course, I am either looking at his side or tail. His facial expressions showed just how much fun he is having. The first time we played the video on our TV, Oreo sat on the couch and intently watched the whole thing. Was Oreo trying to see how he could improve? Nothing would surprise me with this dog.

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Dorothy Leith said...

How playfull all are. Looks like fun.