Friday, May 23, 2008

reasons for crankiness

Everyone I know has seemed a little bit crankier than usual lately. Students, fellow teachers, salespeople, etc. Maybe it is the stress of higher gas prices, the cooler than normal weather, hormones or all of the above. Here are a few things that have irked me this week.

1. dilemmas at the gas station

You pull into a gas station where every pump is currently in use. It is always a crap shoot trying to pick the right person to pull up behind. You try to find someone with a small car, or someone who looks like they are in the process of topping off their tank. Never pull up behind a big SUV, they can be there for half an hour filling their 30 gallon tank.

Inevitably, you always choose the wrong pump.

Then, you debate with yourself whether you would use more gas by idling while you wait, or turning your car off and then restarting. It all depends on the mystery wait time.

This week, I chose the right pump. I found someone waiting for their receipt to pop out of the pump. I let my car idle, knowing it would take less than 30 seconds for this guy to get back in his car and take off.

But no. This guy decided he needs to wash his windows. All his windows. The squeegee at our pump is not good enough. He must walk to the other pump, and use that squeegee. Then, he remembers he has to bring home the paper and some milk.

Meanwhile, I gaze at the $4.05 price on the pump, while my car idles away my money.

Now, why couldn't he move his car away from the pump, and then clean his windows?


2. walmart or wwjdmart?

I called Walmart to see if they had a certain product in stock. Immediately, I am put on hold. Annoying music comes on. I don't like to listen to music while I am on hold. It is never a song I like.

Walmart's song keeps telling me that "Jesus loves me" and that "church is the place I should be".

Do they realize that not everyone who calls Walmart is a Christian?


3. girls or hookers?

I was in the shoe department at Target the other day. I glanced down an aisle, and noticed a pair of wedge, high heeled sandals. What caught my eye was the size of the shoe. It looked miniscule. I had to get a closer look.

It was a size 1, girls' shoe, and they had even smaller sizes.

Who would allow a girl, clearly still in third grade, to wear high heeled sandals?

What message does that send? Are we really training our daughters to be sex objects before they are even in the preteen department?

More than irksome. Scary.

4. many years to go

With the school year coming to an end, everyone is counting the days down to summer vacation.

It is also time to cross off another year toward retirement. This math is more depressing.

I have taught thirteen years. I have to teach 30 years to get full benefits. You do the math. I did.

Then, I began thinking about all the girls at school who are currently pregnant or already have babies. There are dozens of them. More than ever before. In fifteen years, those babies will be in high school, and I will still be there.

That's job security, yet still irksome.

Oreo says, "Stop complaining mom, and start playing."

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