Monday, May 5, 2008

mole patrol 2

The past few days, I have been noticing that some of my plants were dying. At first, I thought maybe it was the recycled tire mulch killing the plants. The more I looked though, the more I began to think it was a critter eating my plants for lunch. The tops of everything were missing.

Yesterday, I looked over the railing of the deck, and saw a critter take off under the deck. It was a small, grey critter with no tail. Little bastard. He was eating the perennial plants I had surrounded Munchkin's memory stone with. Unacceptable.

I ran inside to ask Jeff if he had a BB gun. You never know what Jeff may have bought on EBay. Surprisingly, Jeff didn't have one.

He asked, hopefully, "Do I need to get one?"

I told Jeff that the evil mole was coming back to bother us again, and this time was eating my plants. Jeff knew I was not going to let this go until he did something about it.

Jeff came outside and peered under the deck, but couldn't see anything. It is dark under there. I kept hearing noises, and it freaked me out a little. I wanted this critter gone.

Jeff went inside, and pulled out his ancient bag of fireworks, and said, "Why don't I light a few of these and throw them under the deck?"

"Isn't that a fire hazard?" I asked.

Jeff looked at me like I was crazy, and told me to bring the dogs in the house.

I heard a bang, and went outside.

"I should light another one, right?" Jeff asked, smiling.

"No, " I said.

I could tell Jeff was enjoying this mole removal task, as he hunted through his bag of sparks.

He lit another one, and I watched to see I could catch a glimpse of the critter running out from under the deck in utter fear.

I saw nothing.

Jeff pulled out a strip of firecrackers. "How about I light off this whole pack?"

He settled for lighting off an M-80 or something.

Then, I remembered I had some lethal mole worms left over from last year. We threw a couple on the ground and under the deck, in hope that the mole would be hungry and eat those for dinner, and die.

However, the instructions on the box of worms said that moles are insectivores, not herbivores. So, why was our mole eating plants?

Oh, what do those people know...they don't know our mole.

This morning, I checked for the worms first thing. Both were still there, completely untouched. Maybe the mole did run away after the fireworks.

This afternoon, I peered over the railing and saw movement. I got a good look this time. This was one cute mole.

I scared him back under the deck.

A few minutes later, I saw him again. He looked like a rabbit, but without the fluffy tail. I ran inside, went to the fridge and grabbed a carrot. Rabbits like carrots, I learned that when I was Flopsy in my first grade school play (BTW, my costume had a really cute, white fluffy tail).

Peter Rabbit was still there when I returned.

I was able to snap off a few photos, of my sweet, little bunny sitting amongst my miniature rose bushes. Isn't he cute?

So, now Jeff doesn't need to get a BB gun.

We need to get a trap, fill it with greens, and then find a good home for Peter, far, far away from my garden.

Now, what to do with the rest of the fireworks?

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betty said...

You celebrated Cinco de Mayo by chasing moles with firecrackers, as Peter Rabbit was out searching for you. Dan and I were less active in our celebration. We ate Mole Tamales.