Friday, May 30, 2008

hope this bunny reads

I noticed all the stems of my purple cone flowers have been eaten by Peter. He has also eaten all the stems off a high performing, bloom all summer long, heliopsis.

At this rate, my mid summer splendor will be non existent.

Jeff came home with a trap last night. It is a catch and release trap.

I filled it with lettuce, tomatoes and carrots.

We set the trap out in my garden before we went to bed. I was worried we would hear the trap shut, and we would spend the night listening to the rabbit cry. Or worse, we would catch a skunk.

Alas, Peter was uninterested in my snacks.

So, no bunny cries, but no bunny either.

I thought back to my first grade "Peter Rabbit" play. One of our songs about Peter went, "...then he ate some radishes and felt quite sick...." Yes, this song has been running through my head for days. Thanks Mrs. Dow...

I am going to buy some radishes this weekend in hopes that this Peter has read Beatrix Potter.


betty said...

Maybe some flower heads sprinkled around with the lettuce and raddishs will help.
Sorry Peter, but hopefully you'll soon be going on a long drive. How about Lake George!!!!

betty said...

Ouch! Radishes, please.

Sara said...

If and when we catch him, we will find him a nice new home, with briar patches.

(I'll have to look that up and see what they actually are!)