Sunday, May 18, 2008

agility video

Here is my first trial run at downloading videos off our DV recorder. I have been waiting a long time to post this video. Who knew that we would need to buy a special cord, a special adapter and special software to make it all happen. Nothing is ever simple when it comes to electronics.

By the looks of my backyard in this video, it was taken at least six weeks ago. Everything is green and lush now. Can hardly see my neighbors.

We experienced some equipment malfunction while running through the weave poles, but you'll get to see Oreo's talent. He has improved since this video was taken, although lately it has been difficult to get Oreo to focus on agility. Too many other smells, noises, animals etc. I hope he's not losing interest, because I sure love doing it. I have my eye on a travel teeter toter (any spelling advice on that editor in chief?). Oreo hasn't learned any "contact" equipment yet, since I don't own any. He still needs to learn the teeter, A-frame and catwalk.

Hope everyone is able to view this. It took FOREVER to figure out how to download onto blogger. I had it downloading to blogger for over 3 hours, and then figured out how to download it in under 3 minutes! You can imagine how I spent my day.

(there is sound on these videos- I know a lot of you mute your computer like I do)

Here's a longer video, with some more equipment malfunction! The chute is always getting tangled up.


Anonymous said...

that was fun. off hand I would say teeter-totter but who knows for sure.


Sara said...

maybe I should use "seesaw"