Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Misty is smiling.

The temperature outside is finally warmer than it is inside! Ok, considering that I keep our house at 63 degrees, doesn't make that too difficult for the first day of April. I opened the windows to let in the 68 degree warmth.

Hope this nice weather isn't an April Fool's joke.

Speaking of which - it is Misty's 10th birthday. Perfect weather for a dog. She has spent the afternoon on the deck, and in the yard barking at everything that moves or makes a noise. That's her job. Oreo is doing his job, digging up my garden.

Misty keeps an eye out for the neighbor's dog, or anything else that moves.


betty said...

....and the snow has melted! Happy Birthday Misty. What a great coat of hair and smile. He is fortunate to have a spry brother to keep him agile! No wrinkles - lucky dog. Did Jeff and Oreo sing loudly in celebration?

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