Monday, April 21, 2008

a valued customer

It's been a busy time in our house, between the yard work, the bathroom remodel, work, etc. Before I went away a few weeks ago, I wanted to make sure all my bills got paid online, so I wouldn't have to think about them when I got back.

I pay all my bills on line. I love not having to pay for a stamp. Typically, I write the confirmation number on my paper bill, along with the day I am having the money withdrawn from my checking account, then I write the amount in my checkbook. I have it all down to a science.

On Saturday, I got a voice mail message from my mortgage company, telling me I needed to contact them immediately. They did not say why, so I assumed they wanted to sell me a home equity loan. I erased the message. They called again later in the day, and this time I decided to answer the phone (yes, a rarity for me to answer my phone). This time, a man was asking for my address and social security number. I got wary, thinking this was a phishing scam.

I asked the man,"How do I know this is really my bank I am talking to?"

His response, "Call the phone number on your bill, and ask for the collections department."

I said, "Collections department? I have never been late once paying my mortgage, in fact I always pay more than I have to! Why would the collections department be calling me?"

No response.

I hung up, and went hunting for my bill. I found it, and there was no hand written confirmation number. I checked my bank statement, and saw no withdrawal listed. I checked my check book, and found I had deducted the amount. So, I must have forgotten to actually make the payment online.

This is sooo unlike me. I am a stickler for being organized, conscientious, and reliable. I hate to pay a five cent late fee at the library. It's not the money, but the fact that I didn't get it back on time. I feel like I let the library down.

I had until April 16 to avoid a late fee. This was April 19. Gulp. I sucked it up, and paid it. I even paid an extra $10 to have the payment go immediately.

The fact that the collections department calls when you are 3 days late paying your bill, shows just how bad this mortgage crisis is for the banks.

Today, I called the mortgage company to make sure every thing was squared away. The woman told me that they received my payment, and everything was fine. She continued, "Being that you are a valued customer, would you be interested in....."

It's funny how quickly you go from being a deadbeat to being valued.

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betty said...

Nervous butterflies were attacking my stomach. I couldn't read fast enough. I have visions of sleepless nights. It's over. A good sleep returns.