Sunday, April 27, 2008

the hunters

I was working out in my garden this afternoon, and Oreo was hanging out with me. At one point, I looked over at him and smiled. He was intent on something, and I stopped what I was doing to watch. Oreo is so cute when he finds a job to do, especially when he is hunting. I couldn't figure out what was holding his interest, I assumed it was a bee or an ant. Then, I saw Oreo quickly backing away.

Oreo is not one to bow out, so I had to go investigate.

Earlier that day, Jeff had asked me whether I had seen the mole. I told him that I had seen some holes in my garden, but that they could be snake holes.

Yep, they were snake holes. Oreo had found the snake. A very big, ugly, slimy snake. Yikes!

I looked, and ran. Then, I went back and looked again. I saw its long body, but its head looked like a cobra. Instead of being long, and cylindrical, it had a spot that was stretched out. This was no everyday garter snake.

Jeff was watching TV, and I yelled to him through the window to come out and help.

Jeff went over to the snake, and pointed out some very unnecessary information. The snake had a frog in its mouth.

Well, that explained the giant tumor I saw in the snake's neck.

Jeff looked around for something to deal with the snake. Always resourceful, Jeff grabbed one of Oreo's weave poles.

At first, I though Jeff would just pick up the snake and move him far, far away.

From the way Jeff was holding the pole, I quickly knew he had other plans. I turned my head, while Jeff killed the snake with the weave pole.

At that point, I felt bad for the snake. He had just caught his dinner, and didn't even get to enjoy it. Poor creature. Ugly, gross and scary, but still a creature.

Jeff threw the snake over the fence, and went back to check on the frog! He was alive! A little bloody, but alive. Jeff prodded him and he hopped a couple times.

Jeff said to me, "You have gloves on, why don't you pick the frog up, and move him somewhere so that the dogs can't get him."

What???? I don't do that.

So, Jeff scooped Mr. Frog up with my trowel, put him in my bucket, and placed him safely over the fence.

So, the snake died, but Mr. Frog lived! Hooray.

Tonight at dinner, Jeff and I ate without talking. Jeff made note of it.

I said, "I'm thinking, are you?"

Jeff said, "Yeah, I'm thinking about the snake."

"Me, too!"

Jeff said, "I feel bad that I had to kill him, but I didn't want the snake to bite one of the dogs."

"I'm thinking about how I can make this into a blog."

I am so over feeling sorry for the snake, but I wasn't the one holding the deadly weave pole.


betty said...

Wow! Now I am not the only family member with a snake story. "Our" snake ate the frog and rested under our sofa. Wee Mary at 9mo old had been crawling after the frog when a cobra challanged her.
Our Thai neighbors would not help us get the snake out. A snake in the house is bad luck. Dan got a broom handle and killed it. We, too, felt bad. We also knew that the mate would be close by. Our neighbors invited us for dinner.
Please be careful. Oreo gets a medal for alerting you.

Sara said...

Wow! I think your story is much scarier than mine.

I don't think ours was really a cobra. They can't be native in this area. We do have rattle snakes, but the snake didn't have a rattle.