Tuesday, April 15, 2008

give a dog a bone

Recently, I started giving Oreo some rawhide bones. None of my other dogs have ever showed much interest in rawhide. Oreo is such a doggie dog, I thought he might like it. I knew he loved to chew. It has proved to be a great way to keep him occupied while we are working on the bathroom or watching TV. He'll chew on one for an hour or two.

Yesterday, Jeff and I were watching TV, and heard a bunch of noise coming from our den. Misty was between us, so we knew it had to be Oreo. There is a lot of stuff (tools, silicone, bathroom stuff, etc.) in that room, so Jeff was concerned. I knew right away what Oreo was doing. He was hiding his bone.

I had seen Oreo "bury" his bone in his toy box. Oreo likes to bury it, put his toys back on top, then go back in a few minutes and "find it". I find this hysterical. I thought dogs only buried bones in cartoons.

This morning, I decided to look for the bone in the den, to see if I could find it. Didn't take me long. Oreo has stuffed it between the cushions of the couch. I decided to take a photo, but as soon as I took the first shot, Oreo quickly jumped up to grab the bone. Somehow, he knew I had discovered his hiding place, and wasn't taking any chances on me stealing the bone. I was shocked that he had remembered it was there, since over 12 hours had gone by.

Tonight, Oreo tried a few different hiding places. First his toy box, then under his bed in his crate, and my personal favorite, shoved behind the TV stand. Ultimately, he decided to just finish the bone.

Of course me, being the ridiculously proud mother of this dog, I see this all as another sign of Oreo's brilliance. He clearly has a lot of thought going on in that tiny head of his.

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