Friday, April 18, 2008

dirt, rocks, and mulch

The weather has been perfect this week. I have spent a lot of time outside doing some gardening and landscaping. I have done a lot of "ditch diving" for good rocks. Hard work, but very rewarding when you find a perfectly shaped and colored rock. I think I pulled out over 50 rocks from our creek bed in the past two days.

Jeff and I bought some mulch made from recycled tires. It looks great, and it is guaranteed to last 12 years! That will save us a lot of time, since we had to replace the bark mulch every other year. However, it now kind of smells like a tire store when the wind blows. But hey, rubber does grow on trees.

Now, if only I could get fake grass for my sorry back yard. Unfortunately, that's not in the cards (too expensive). So, much of my time has been spent desperately trying to get some grass to grow in my shady backyard. I rake, seed, water, far, not much is happening. I have no patience for seeds. If this fails to work, the recycled tire mulch comes in a lovely green shade! I'm just not sure how I would pick up dog poop in that.

I don't really understand why I can grow plants with no problem, but can't grow grass. It must be the mole's fault.

The dogs don't care about grass. They love dirt.


betty said...

I like the Island Rocks in the Sea of Tire Mulch. Your labor is rewarding. It looks good.

Sara said...

You make our landscaping sound magical! I do consider my backyard my little paradise.