Thursday, April 10, 2008

bathroom remodel #????????

This bathroom remodel is really starting to wear on me. It has been more than a month now since we began.

I am tired of having my all my toiletries spread around various rooms in the house. There are also tools, supplies, and fixtures (new and old) everywhere. Dusting has become my second job. Every step seems to create more dust.

We have spent this last week without a sink or toilet, while we wait for the floor tile to set. It takes a long time for it to dry when you keep your house temperature at 63 degrees. Yes, 63. We have saved a ton of money on oil this year. Enough to justify spending more money than necessary on towel racks, faucets and light fixtures. Although, with the money we saved by doing all the labor ourselves (ok, mostly Jeff's labor), we should have solid gold faucets!

I can't wait to get to work in the morning to use a real toilet, rather than the Alzheimer's commode in our basement. Not a good reason for wanting to go to work. Every time I use the bathroom at school, I notice the shoddy workmanship on the floor and wall tiles. It was installed less than a year ago, and already things are starting to fall apart. I notice the color of the grout and caulk. I notice the plumbing and crooked hooks on the stall doors. Things I would have never seen before.

The librarians at my local library all ask how the bathroom is going. They have seen dozens of books and videos being borrowed - from sheetrock to tile to crown molding. They know how I am spending my weekends, and understand when I have to renew the DVD's I took out. No time to watch them!

The fact that Jeff and I aren't in divorce proceedings yet is a miracle. One of us is constantly in a state of worry or anxiety about the current or next step not going well. Meltdowns happen often. We take turns. The good news is that everything turns out perfectly. We worry for no reason.

Luckily, we should finish most of the work this weekend, with the exception of the moldings and new exhaust fan. By Monday, we should have a fully functioning, new bathroom. My toiletries and cleaning supplies can return to the bathroom for good. I can hang my towel on something other than a bookshelf. My toothbrush won't be sitting next to my cookie jar. Heaven!!!!

Then, it will be on to the backyard...a little landscaping...maybe plant some trees...some recycled tire mulch...perhaps some new decking...definitely some margaritas in our Adirondack chairs!!!!

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betty said...

A little yell now and then strengthens the lungs. A little "honey that looks great" strengthens the heart. It all balances.
The tiled floor is wonderful. Isn't it amazing the high price that is paid for poor workmanship done by "experts."
I hope the final photos can be taken this weekend.