Friday, March 14, 2008

Oreo's orbee

Oreo's love affair with his orbee continues. I love how he holds the ball in his paws while he tries to removes the continents.

I had my own love affair with Munchkin's paws. I loved them so much - they were so cute and tiny, that I wanted to have one of his paws made into a key chain when he died. Everyone thought that was a little strange, so I didn't. Probably a good thing. Even faux rabbit's feet gross me out.

Oreo's paws are pretty cute too. Though, they are never as clean as Munchie's. Munchkin would never dig in the dirt.

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Kage Davies said...

Eh heh, I really wanted to keep my Lizards skull after she died too o.o. It didn't seem weird at the time!