Wednesday, March 26, 2008

bathroom 6

Jeff took the day off today, and tiled the shower area. It looks awesome. The spacers are still in, and we have to add the grout, but it really looks great. I think we should have our own show on HGTV.


betty said...

What beautiful, precise work!
Did your tiles come with the spacers attached or did Jeff add them? Will they be easy to remove and why? Jeff's skills are advanced. I don't think the "experts" would be so perfect.
You and he certainly did your homework before starting this project.

Sara said...

You put the spacers in as you go - it helps keep all the spaces between the tiles even (our spacers are 1/4 inch). We popped all the spacers out last night - and they do come out easily. We will reuse the spacers for the floor tile.