Tuesday, March 25, 2008

bathroom 5

Our sheetrock saga began when Jeff's truckload of sheetrock fell out of his truck, in the middle of a major intersection. Every piece got cracked. Luckily, a kind passerby helped Jeff load it all back in his truck, cracks and all. Since our bathroom has a lot of small walls, we were able to use most of it, and Jeff made sure to tie down the next load at the Depot.
From that point on, the sheet rock received tender loving care.
Jeff spent all last week taping and sanding our new sheet rock to a state of perfection. He was quite anal about the whole process. A guy, who does sheet rock for a living, told Jeff that anyone that anal should probably not be doing sheet rock.
It was the first time Jeff had ever really done this kind of job. He watched a DIY video I got out of the library, read a couple pages in a book, then went for it. There was some swearing along the way, along with a ton of dust, but Jeff's analness (is that a word?) paid off. The bathroom walls are virtually flawless. Now, I am noticing seams on the walls in the rest of the house. Something, I never noticed before.
Jeff and I spent Easter painting our brand new, seamless walls. Very exciting. We still have to add the crown molding and trim. Last night, we hung our new mirror and light fixture. Can't wait to see it all with my new vanity.


betty said...

Was the sheetrock put on top of the greenboard?
The finished walls are the work of a perfectionist.

Sara said...

No, the sheetrock I was refering to was the "green board", which is a brand name of mildew resistant sheet rock.