Friday, March 7, 2008

bathroom 2

Jeff took the day off from work yesterday to work on the bathroom. He was able to finish the wallboard and did some sheetrocking too. He was most proud of his plumbing work. He sweated pipes and installed the new shower fixtures. We went from three knobs to one - which is nice, but meant making a lot of changes to the plumbing. Jeff was going to ask the neighbor for help - but didn't need it.

Oreo and Misty inspect their daddy's work
Oreo says, "Can I have a bath now?"
new fixtures
Jeff's perfect plumbing
Now, we're almost ready to tile! Finally, the pretty stuff gets to be installed!


betty said...

The plumbing fixtures are nice and the work so clean. Jeff puts the same energy and skills here as he does while working on a Chopper. Is the tiling your job? You made the kitchen look so pretty. You're artistic.

Sara said...

I will definitely be helping install the tile. Although, I'm hoping to get out of doing any grouting. That's not as much fun.