Sunday, February 10, 2008

too many choices

Haven't found the time (energy) to blog for awhile. Jeff and I are making plans to gut our bathroom, and I've spent a lot of time searching the web and the Depot for all sorts of fixtures, tile, tubs etc. It is amazing how many choices there are for everything from vanities to exhaust fans to faucets. Not to mention paint colors! I thought I had the perfect tub picked out, until my mom mentioned that I should make sure it's not too tall and difficult to get in and out of. Turns out it was 20 inches high! That's quite a step for a short lady. Back to square one. It is all very overwhelming, stressful, and the work hasn't even begun. Being we have only one bathroom, it is sure to be a major inconveinence. We even toyed, albeit briefly, with the idea of adding on a second bathroom, so we could redo this one!

The rest of my time is spent keeping Oreo busy and occupied. When I have spent too much time searching the web, Oreo will sit by the back door, growl and complain until I pay attention to him. Oreo has been working on his agility everyday. He even ran through all his obstacles once, without me telling him to. I though that was pretty cool. Misty can be a distraction at times. She starts running along beside Oreo while I'm shouting commands, and tries to get Oreo to play with her. I want him to do his weave poles, but he'd rather run away from Misty. As long as they're having fun and getting exercise, I don't mind. I guess it is their version of picking out bathroom fixtures - run thru the tunnel or behind the garden or bark at the neighbors or dig a hole? What's a dog to do? So many choices.

Misty has been barking obsessively out the picture window all afternoon. I kept looking out, and saw nothing. No one is walking by, no one is in our driveway, no car has driven off the road (at least for today, friday there were three victims). Finally, I see movement in the woods across the street and realize what is bothering her. I pull out the binoculars. There is a gaggle? flock? herd? of at least fifteen turkeys walking around. Boy, they are big birds. I wonder what kind of choices they have to make.

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