Saturday, February 2, 2008

ice storm

Our backyard is now an ice skating rink. We had an ice storm and still no day off from school! It is so frustrating.

The dogs are struggling to pee and poop, since they can't get their footing on the ice. They're not able to run, chase, or do agility outside. It is hard just to walk.

When Oreo went outside for the first time after the storm, he just stood there, not knowing what to do. Misty started walking along the side of the house, where it is easier to get traction under the eaves of the house. She may be smarter than I orginally thought. Oreo immediately followed her lead. Misty walked along the perimeter of the whole yard, and was able to make it up the steep path behind the garden. Oreo tried and tried, but he kept sliding back down the hill, defeated. That is his favorite spot in the yard. He had to settle for rummaging around my garden.
I put down ice melt in the whole backyard (never done that before), and it says it's safe for lawns. Hopefully, that speeds the melting up a bit. Of course, then the mud pit will be back.
Both dogs seem a little depressed today, being stuck in the house.

I'm cooking lamb for dinner - maybe that will cheer them up. They are sheepdogs.

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