Saturday, February 16, 2008

gotcha day!

Recently, I read an article about a couple who adopted a child. Yes, they celebrated the child's birthday, but they also celebrated the anniversary of the day they brought the child into their home. They called it, "Gotcha Day".

When I read that, I thought of my dogs (as I often do when I read stories about children). Seems silly to celebrate my dogs' birthdays, when I had nothing to do with that day. Gotcha Day makes more sense. I could never forget the day each dog came into my life, and it does seem cause for a celebration of some sort.

Exactly one year ago, Jeff and I made the ride out to Rochester to pick up baby Oreo. What an adventure! The drive there was three hours of anticipation. Will he like us? Will we like him? Will he be like Munchkin? Will he be easy to train, or will he tear the house up?

Finally, we got to see him for the first time, along with 6 other puppies, and numerous grown shelties. The puppies all greeted us at the door, and I have never seen a cuter sight. The adult shelties looked curiously at us through the sliding glass door on the deck. I could have stayed there for hours watching the puppies tear around the kitchen and receiving licks and snuggles from the adult shelties. Still, I was anxious to get my baby home.

Oreo stayed awake the whole ride home. He cuddled up in my jacket and tried to crawl up the sleeve. I let him drink out of the cap of my water bottle. It was the perfect size for his little tongue.

Finally, he was home. I can still remember the sound of his little paws on the floor, his ears bopping up and down as he walked, and us having to shuffle our feet so we wouldn't step on him by mistake.

How our lives have changed in one year! I went from a house with two slow moving, old dogs, to one with two lively, playful, fiesty dogs! Oreo brought the puppy back in Misty, and a whole lot of energy into our house. Here's to many more "Gotcha Days"!


Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha Day!

betty said...

Happy Gotcha Day! I have been enjoying the odyssey. Oreo makes me smile.