Sunday, January 13, 2008

mud agility

I spent a lot of my weekend practicing agility in our backyard, aka mud pit.

Yesterday, it was very hard to get Oreo focused on what I wanted him to do. He was more interested in smelling all the cool stuff that has been covered with snow, and is now wet, smelly and so enticing.

Today, Oreo was a little more willing to ignore some smells, and also ignored Misty barking at mystery things, which I never see. I feel like we made some real progress today.

Over the past two days, I've learned a lot about this sport. Here are a few:

  1. Don't run around your yard for half an hour wearing Bean Boots, when you still have an unhealed broken foot. Ouch. I am in so much pain, but at least my sneakers are still clean.

  2. Person must run faster than the dog, otherwise person and dog collide, causing person to fall over dog, while dog runs away laughing.

  3. Agility makes me sweat. I don't know how we will practice when the temperatures are above 40 degrees. I had to peel off most of my clothes today. Don't know who is getting a better workout - me or the dog.

  4. It helps to yell out your next command, while the dog is still performing the previous obstacle. Also, yell it over and over, i.e. JUMP, JUMP, JUMP.....TUNNEL, TUNNEL, TUNNEL.

  5. Hope your neighbors aren't watching or hearing all these crazy antics. Especially when you are yelling, "JUMP, JUMP, JUMP," while dog sits politely looking at you.

  6. It is so exciting when we work flawlessly as a team. Then, I hope everyone is watching!

Here is a better video of Oreo going through his tunnel/chute.

Jeff was scoping out PVC pipe today at the depot. Trying to figure out if he could make some money selling agility equipment on EBay. I was hoping he was going to build me some extra jumps. Silly me.

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